Monday, April 25, 2011

Dark Secrets

    The ground was soft beneath my feet. My toes felt the movement of the soil as it shifted to accommodate my weight. The grass was sparse and I could feel it sinking into the sand like soil. The rain was not making anything easier, at least footing-wise. It was foolish to be here, at night, in the rain even though it was only drizzling. It was foolish to here any night - the cemetery was not only closed, it was strictly off limits anytime for me.
    At least it should be. I am a psychic and I work better using the sense of touch. My client  stands behind me, my partner stands to the side of me. The reason I should not be here ever, is the crazy ghosts that wander the graveyard. It is my experience that these ghosts are things that should be avoided, at all costs. Yet I am here, earning the triple fee that my client was willing to pay.
    “Ms. Jenkins, it is not necessary for me to go to the cemetery to get in touch with your father,” I had protested, “I can reach out to your father just by touching a personal object of his, say a ring.”
    She rejected my pleas for sanity and was not daunted when I asked for triple my fee. I wish I would have quadrupled the fee. My partner had accepted her terms over my protests. I only hope there is enough for my medication costs because I am sure to need it after this.
It serves me no good to dwell on my fears so I clear my mind using yoga breaths and mantras.
    It takes me about a minute to begin to enter my trance state. It turns out that there is no body buried here, just his ashes dispersed on top of the grave site. Weird, yes but the really weird part was about to begin.
    Normally, when I go into a trance state, it is not a full blown trance. I am aware of the world around me and I am aware of the people around me. Today, is different. Today, I enter a world I have never seen before.
    The room I am in is bright but not to bright. There is a lot of people coming and going - one of them approaches me. It is a woman of middle age. She is wearing mostly white with a purple vest.
    “I am glad to see you.” she says. I like her. “I am here to warn you. One of the people near you right now is very dangerous person. They do not have your best interests in mind. You will have to go on a very dangerous journey soon. Take this - it will help you.” She holds out her hand.
Somehow whatever was in her hand is now in mine. I come out of my trance for a brief moment, enough time to see two things. One - my partner is kissing my client and two - the thing in my hand is a quartz crystal as big as my fist. There is no time for me to process this information. I am back in full blown trance instantly.
    I am standing by a river bank with a path into a forest in front of me. I recognize this place - I have been here often - it is the lower world. There are three worlds in the unconscious - the lower which is the realm of magical beings and totem animals, the middle where the soul can learn about things of this world and the upper world, the realm of angels. The lower world is the most dangerous as various beings of disrepute life there. I have several totems animals here. I call out for my totem - a jaguar.
    A horse approaches me. I ask him to take me to my totem. He refuses. He says that I am being blocked from my totem animals. He says that I will have to make this journey alone. No animal can lie to you in this world. I know I will have to go on alone. I start to walk the path in front of me.
    In no time at all, I come to an old pyramid like structure. There are steps up and steps down. I start walking upward and I am immediately confronted by a Centaur.
    “You are going the wrong way,” he growls, “go down. He is waiting for you.” There is something sinister in his voice, but I turn around and head down anyway. The path becomes darker but I still can see. I feel the presence of others, all around me. It is not a good feeling. I come to a dark dank reddish lit chamber room. Sitting on a throne is a man who reeks of evil. I do not know of a better way to describe it. He is dark in appearance, somewhat normal in stature, but man does he feel like he would love to kill and eat me.
    “You are here for the soul of one called Edward Chambers. What do you have to exchange ?” I am not sure what he means. I am not here for a soul - I just want to make contact with Edward Chambers. What could I have that he would want ?
    “The deal is a soul for a soul. If you do not have one, I will take yours.” I am not impressed. I know all about deals for souls and such. I know that no one can give up a soul unwillingly. I also know that I am not willing to give up mine. I stifle an urge to laugh. My host is not amused. He rises up out of his chair and is immediately in front of me. He grabs me by the throat and shakes me about. Yes, he is strong and yes I feel the pressure on my throat. I also can feel myself blacking out. At that moment, I reach into my pocket and pull out the crystal. The room instantly bursts into light. I hear screams. The next moment, I am awake.
    I am lying on the grave. My client comes up to me and says “Daddy?” .
    “Nope.” I say. “but you owe me big time.”

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